Rock Solid Race 29/10/16

Rock Solid Race was founded in 2013 and although it hasn’t been around for very long, its super duper professional and make it look like it comes naturally to them. I’d been looking forward to doing this race for a while but was totally unprepared for it. Originally I signed up for the 5k race and when race day came, I had some steam that I needed to vent so switched over to doing the 10k. Absolute madness considering that I’d had a baby 2 months ago and had ran just over 2 miles since boxing day last year. The race had 3 distances to choose from 5k, 10k or 15k which were based on colours. Blue, Red and Black and all ran parts of the same course until you hit the split points.

I’d heard that Rock Solid was brilliantly fun but a real challenge at the same time and it being my first one back into the OCR world as a runner, I was absolutely bricking it.


Sign Up, Price & Info: 

Their website is really user friendly and actually gave me some giggles as I read through the back story of how Rock Solid came about. The website also gave useful tips via their blog on how to conquer obstacles, nutrition and more along with simple instructions of how to get to the venue and even a course map.

The prices (for a 5k) start at £30 and up to £60 (for a 15/20k) but these are super early bird prices. Initially, I thought that’s pretty expensive but if its value for money that you want then it’s worth every penny. The 10k that I did had over 70 obstacles! That’s more than most 10k races have.

What did you get for your money?

Well, it’s important to note here that ALL your race photos were FREE!!! You got a cool tee, a jam packed, fun filled OCR, free hot soup, chia charge bar, water, FREE hot showers and of course…some bling!

Rating:  5/5


The majority of the terrain was flat grassy land but it did have some small wooded sections and a few water sections – with awesome obstacles – and a fun filled muddy dunk.


There was only really one hill but they did really well utilising this by using a slalom log carry on it so it drained you.

There was a section towards the end where it was literally a switchback on a grassy area to make up distance it seemed and was boring as hell. Most runners beside me said it was a real dampener on the last stretch of the race.

Rating: 4.5/5


Where do I begin?

This is the most obstacle intensive course that I have ever run. There was a vast range of obstacles, some fun ones, some technical ones and a great variety of natural and manmade.


There were walls and it was nice to see them spaced out around the course not one after the other. The water obstacles were pretty cool and a bit scary. They had a slide very similar to the ‘death slide’ at Nuclear and a 20ish ft drop off a shipping container into a lake. A deep lake at that as I didn’t even touch the bottom. I was petrified (I am not great with heights) but it turned out to be my favourite obstacle on this course.


The log carry I mentioned earlier zapped the little energy I had left in my legs and my back side felt like rock but Lucille (my log – Forgive my walking dead reference) and I got through it together and I felt a little sad leaving her behind.

I also enjoyed the simpler ones that required some skill, especially once my entire body was shaking and in shock from this amount of hard (but fun) work. Towards the end there was a log over some a large and very smelly pond that you had to balance across. Sounds simple right? It wasn’t as I was shaking like a sh*tting dog but once my foot touched the ground on the other end, I was super proud of myself.

Rock solid also had a really fun muddy dunk which was a deep mud pit filled with mud (obviously) and rubber ducks and was a great photo opportunity.

I could go on forever about the obstacles at Rock Solid but I don’t want to spoil the fun for you but believe me when I say to you that you won’t be left wanting.

One thing that I really thought was good on this course was how the further the distance you attempted, the harder the obstacles became meaning newbies could get a taste of what it’s all about and the elite style runners can crack on without.

If you read this review and decide to go to a Rock Solid event, you won’t be disappointed at the obstacles, water/feed stations and the awesome marshalls.

Rating: 5/5

The Bling:

The medal is a heavy dog tag on a ribbon rather than a chain. It is pretty plain and simple, a little boring compared to others and it could benefit from having the year on but other than that, it’s hard to pick faults with it really.

At the end of the race each participant got a free cup of hot soup, a bottle of water and a chia charge bar.

I thought the soup was a really nice touch actually and think more events should do this. It was exactly what I needed and tasted delicious!

Rating: 4.5/5

Event Village and Atmosphere:

The event village had a really good buzz about it. It had a good selection of food stalls and we managed to get chips for about £2.00.

They had FREE hot showers… yes, you did read that right! I didn’t use them myself as there was a massive queue (as you can imagine) but the toilets and changing rooms were brilliant.


At the finish, there was a MC who was pretty good, music playing and a few merchandise stalls, ORM were there too and medal engraving etc and plenty of places to sit and chill out with your friends and family. The only thing that I think could be improved here is something for the kids to do – other than the kids race.

Rating: 4.5/5


Excellent value for money

FREE race photos

FREE hot showers

A huge amount of obstacles

Great for all levels of fitness with distances/obstacles to suit

A mix of terrain types

Good events village

Well stocked and clean toilets


Seems expensive

Some queuing for certain obstacles

Overall Opinion:

I really, really, really enjoyed this race. Perhaps I should have done the 5k rather than 10k as my first race back.(Just look how miserable I look here – I was happy inside really)


I’d suggest anyone that is a newbie to OCR, do the 5k. Rock Solid have done exceptionally well on all levels. Great location, some of the most important and appealing things to races (Hot showers and photos) are FREE. Jam packed with a huge range of obstacles and although it might seem a little pricey at first, it is absolutely worth every single penny.

I look forward to going to this event again in the future but maybe for the 15/20k next time.


Overall rating: 4.5/5 

Published by Keren – Mudd Matters


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