Nutritious and Delicious NRG bites


We were given a box of mixed flavours to trial from company owner Matty Taylor and what we thought to these balls was exactly as the name suggests. The make up of the balls is a mixture of nuts, fruits and seeds, with a soft texture and tasting mostly of dates, each ball has it’s own individual side flavours which really stand out while eating them. My personal favourite being the ‘Cherry bite’ as this has some 70% cocoa mass in too. yum.

The flavours are:
Cherry and Dark Chocolate
Apple and Cinnamon
Dark Chocolate and Ginger
Cranberry Pistachio & Fennel
Spiced Berry
Vanilla and Cashew

Prices are:
£1.45 per energy bite.
P&P is £3.90 for orders upto 10,
£4.50 for orders upto 20 and £6.30 for orders upto 40.

All of products are dairy, wheat and gluten free.
Calories per NRG Bite range from 130 to 150, carbs is an average of 12g, fat is an average of 8g, and protein is an average of 4g.

So all in all these balls are a good way of snacking and keeping those urges under control between meals without busting the bank, nor piling in excess calories or protein.

My overall rating of this product is 4/5 stars.


Good going as a start up company Matty. Keep up the good work.


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