RunFlex Sports Wear



Who are Runflex?

Runflex are a UK based company supplying products to customers all over the world. They produce a full range of compression clothing with both custom and premade designs.

They design products for people in all sporting pursuits to give some of the most customizable compression wear on the market. Runflex are a UK based company supplying products to customers across the globe.

The technical blurb;

“Our clothing is made from a tough non-woven material designed to have a natural feel and is manufactured with a seamless design. The 80% polyester 20% spandex material improves blood circulation for maximum performance. The material will resist ripping and tearing.

What level of compression do they provide?

There is currently much confusion amongst consumers in terms of comparing medical grade compression garments against sport
styled compression. Some of the medical grade compression garments which are worn for medical conditions record very high pressure levels and as such are not advisable for people with normal circulation. Our Compression garments are designed to be worn during exercise and over prolonged periods of time.”


Many people who compete in any given sport these days now wear some sort of compression or tight fitting clothing to aid in eliminating chaffing, quick drying, eliminate drag and sagging when wet.

Initial impression and style;

All Runflex products are made using complete panel designs, by which I mean they haven’t just got a logo on the arm, one on the chest etc, the logos and designs stretch the entire front/back and arms. Within a sport where people want to be part of a team or identify themselves in photos these products are great as they help you really stand out. They offer a wide range of products including compression long and short sleeve tops, leggings, calf guards, to casual more loose fitting shorts and hoodies. Designs can bespoke to you, your team or you can order off the shelf designs.

Rating: 4.5/5




Long sleeve compression top £54.50

Short sleeve compression top £49.50

Tech T-shirt £24.95

Compression leggings £54.50

Calf guards £25.50

Compression shorts £37.50

Casual hoodie £59.50

These prices are competitive within a very busy part of the sporting market; however I feel they are on par with some compression companies who people may side with having not heard of Runflex before. I think once people try the products, see design, feel the quality, and feel the benefits of the garments they will see that the price is fair.

Rating: 4/5


OCR suitability/ Functionality;

Having worn this product now on training runs, and three different OCR’s, I can say they show no signs of wear or abrasions. The stitching is all intact with only one small snag where I got caught on some barbed wire, but this would have happened in any clothing.

Runflex have a very good size guide on their website which really helps find the right size for you. As with any compression clothing I would say if you find yourself on the border of two sizes always order the smaller of the two as the bigger one will sag more when wet, plus the smaller one will show off your guns more. Returns are not an issue as long as clothing is in an unused condition (minus postage)

Rating: 4/5



(The clothing in action at Judgement Day)


Very comfortable

Bespoke designs


Good way for race directors to advertise their races.

A UK business doing very well, and ever growing.


Initially seem highly priced


I really rate these products and their ability to cope with all OCR can throw at them. They look sleek, stylish do everything a compression product should do as well.

If you haven’t given Runflex clothing a go, I really suggest you give them a whirl, stick them on your Christmas list.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

To get your hands on a pair, head over to Runflex by clicking the link below;

Published by Steven – Mudd Matters


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