Salming Trainers Review


Initial impression and style;

Taking these shoes out the box, the first thing I noticed was how light they were. I have worn many different brands of trail trainers now and these are among the lightest I have had. The construction is top quality. The style is very eye catching and the materials used are very hard wearing.

The next thing any “OCR goer” would look at is the tread depth and amount of lugs on the sole to see if the shoe is going to keep the amount of effort put in by the wearer aiding in momentum, not slipping backwards and the Element ticks this box very well with a great sole. The shoe has a big loop on the tongue and the heel to help get the shoe on. Around the heel and toe there is thick material which looks it will stick the harshest of beating by mud, waking it on walls, and stones bashing it.

 Rating: 4.5/5


The technical blurb;

Weight: 288g (size UK 9)

Drop: 4mm

“When adding the Elements model to our range we aimed at creating a performance off trail shoe which incorporates Salming´s running concept and principles. Elements enables you to run anywhere or swim for that matter and get the best out of you. The outsole provides exceptional traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Elements has a more roomy toe box compared to its trail sibling, the Salming Trail, in order to provide a possibility for the fore foot to expand properly in the landing phase, making it more effective in a biomechanic perspective.”



Direct from Salming – £110

Best price I could find was £98.99

Initially this sort of price tag will put many people off as it is rather steep but when compared to the likes of the Irock 2’s they match on price and are very similar in construction and style. Knowing more about the trainer now, I think the price is justified.

Rating: 4/5

OCR suitability/ Functionality;

Having worn these shoes now for training many times and at an OCR, they are fighting to be my go to trainers. A great fit for accurate foot placing on those tricky balance obstacles and rigs. The drainage is really good, after about 200-300 metres after a full submersion 90% of the water is gone and the grip is to the level when you place your foot on any mud, grass or gravel you know you won’t slip.

To my knowledge, Salming haven’t really broken into the OCR market yet but with these shoes and further models they will be up there with the market leaders. One thing that lets the shoe down for me is that when the shoe is stuck deep in thick mud your foot does slip out somewhat. I did try different lacing techniques and I have found one with the least movement so sticking with that.

Comfort wise, you really don’t know you are wearing them. They mould to your foot excellently and the cushioning is enough and not too much.

Rating: 4/5


Very lightweight

Hard wearing

Very good grip

Great drainage


Some issues in deep, thick mud.

Short laces


I think these are great…in the right conditions. As with a set of race tyres you don’t put slicks on in the rain. These trainers are good if you know the conditions on the given race are muddy but not the sort of mud that will suck you down to your knees or more.

Overall rating: 4/5

To get your hands on a pair, head over to Salming by clicking the link below;

Published by Steven – Mudd Matters


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